Live and Let's Die!

by Kid, Feral

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released April 23, 2018

Jesper - Drums
Ossian - Bass
Vile - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded entirely by ourselves in our rehearsal space and produced, mixed and mastered in my bedroom for $0.


all rights reserved



Kid, Feral Skövde, Sweden

Violent emo rock 'n roll from Skövde.


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Track Name: So Much Money In The $kramz Game
Just getting started

"Found you"
My heart skipped a beat!

What good can come from hiding
It's not a part of me.

Fuck all this waiting, so let's go!

Den sista snön töar bort i bäckarna och isen går inte att korsa längre. Det är vår i Norrlands inland. Den övergivna landsvägens förlovade land.

Och jag ser över åsen, ute på lägdan, rådjur som springer över tågspåret.

Fårorna rinner från berget, smälta av söderns gluppskhept. Det rinner sprit, svett och tårar. De rinner ut i samma stigar som de alltid gjort.

Det är ett bitterljuvt farväl. Men jag måste
lämna det bakom mig. Innan det äter mig levande.

For as long as I live
I'll play it louder

We set the scene
Play it louder

~Rannsaka din omgivning och hur den påverkar dig. Låt inte det negativa från ett liv som känns bortslösat hålla dig från det som gör dig lycklig~

When it's over
When it ends
When it fades out
I'll be dead!
Track Name: Sensory Overload In The Afterclass Bathroom
I know what you said about me.
It echoed in my head for a while, until it started spinning.

This room is the same like yesterday, like everyday.
A gentle breeze enters in through the window; and I'm lost

No one can tell if you cried yourself to sleep the night before.
No one can know when you never tell them.

You meant the world to me, but I'll be ok.
Trust in yourself.
Track Name: Permanently Stuck In Small Town Limbo
A prophecy
And the words they read; "dunno what you want, kid"

Search for schools and fight the tears
18 years
Still stuck here

When I'm laying in my bed and I'm thinking, letting all the stuff that's racing through my mind and
It's so pointless
I'm going nowhere, I'm fucking hopless

Can't get a job
And I always fuck it up in the stupid fucking interviews
I'm leaving

I'm on my own again
To my shadow, you won't catch me
Please go away
Here we go again
C'mon c'mon c'mon just let me go in peace
Faster, drive faster please

C'mon c'mon c'mon
Faster, drive faster

My own
Home town
I'm swear I'm gonna
Burn it
Track Name: This System Is A Bunch Of Baloney
Walking in circles
Clawing my skin

We're stuck!
Oh god!
Let me out!

There's not a schism between us no more
It's probably all in the air
A feeling so desperate of quiet decaying
If this is adulthood then
Please no more
Track Name: Listen Up You Nazi Fucks
Got up early morning for a walk.
Suburbia — and every lawn that lied
pristine in hazy sunlight.

This town, our town. You know it — I know it. Bash your head!
Track Name: Firedragon3651 Logs Out For Good
You were losing your vision again
Dead high on morphine for pain
It's weird to see you withering

Will I ever see your face here again?
Or are you bound to your hospital bed?
How do I even know what words I should say?
"It's been too long since we talked, you ok?"

Here we go again
In my dreams at night
You're standing next to me
And when you comfort me
There's not a moment that feels like reality

I'm not ready
I don't want closure
There's nothing of value, there's nothing to learn it's fucking pointless
Just so worthless

Disheartening hysteria
Malignant and madening
It's breaking me apart

And there's nothing to hope for
And the autumn turned winter
It's still in your head

And I wait for disaster
When you're worried sick
We're in the deep

When I think I get heartsick
I just want to puke
Heart beats faster
Track Name: The Smallest Of Intermissions
Va fin han (jesper) är.... amen sluta....
Track Name: Quit Without Saving (y/n?)
In my head there's all these memories I imagined we would make. Now they're withered and decayed.

For a moment I was certain, we were happy, I naively thought you'd live, move on and love someone again.

And I wish this was just allegory, stupid things I write about you with a broken heart to mend the pain.

But you're really gone and buried and there's nowhere I can find you. There's only the reflections in what you left behind you.

Rest easy
Cuz I won't
Be at peace
Both of us

Time to let go

I won't
Your love
You'll never leave me

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